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  1. alcazar definition: 1. a palace or fortress of the Moors in Spain 2. [A-] such a palace in Seville, later used by the Spanish kingsOrigin of alcazarSpanish alcázar from Arabic al qa?r, the castle from uncertain or unknown; perhaps Classical Latin.
  2. ‘The building is enclosed by imperforate walls, a favourite device of Moneo's that reinterprets the traditional form of the Spanish alcazar.’ ‘And then he put steel to me, and forced me to come with him to his mountain alcazar, his huge palace.’.
  3. The Alcazar Real - Royal Palace - Seville. Take me to: Hotels near Alcazar Palace by Fiona Flores Watson. The Alcázar Réal (Royal Palace) of Seville is one of the city’s most enchanting, and most popular, historic monuments.
  4. Alcazar, Spanish alcázar, any of a class of fortified structures built in the 14th and 15th centuries in Spain. (The term is derived from the Arabic word al-qaṣr, meaning “castle,” or “fortress.”).
  5. Milady loves fish, and Alcazar featured a dish described as "wild cod." The cod was firm, precisely cooked and delicately flavored. The saucing was decidedly timid, a milk emulsion with no distinguishing characteristics other than its completely successful desire to be inoffensive/5().
  6. Alcazar was a shape-shifting alien whose goal was to "make it with five weirdos, and have them clean his five castles". He was briefly engaged to Leela, when he convinced her that they were the last of their race. Fry and Bender revealed him as a fraud when they ventured into the "Forbidden Valley", and discovered the four other aliens he was to marry that day. He also owns a pair of Age:
  7. Jun 16,  · The name ' Alcazar ' means castle in Spanish and is derived from the Arabic word al-qasr (fortress or palace). The complex of palaces is in the Mudéjar style, which is a architectural style with many influences from Moorish and Christian culture/5().
  8. A room boutique hotel located in the middle of the bustling Uptown Design District! Diverse experiences for the modern traveler. Desert solitude seeker or Social desert adventurer, Alcazar Palm Springs meets you where you are. Chill on your private patio and read a favorite book or grab some drinks and hang poolside with your friends.
  9. Alcazar Collection Perfectly Brighton in every way, this silver-plated collection is dotted with Swarovski and features both hearts and subtly floral motifs. Watch: Designer Inspiration ABOUT THE DESIGNER — Ava Manukyan. Search Selection. Filter By Availability. In Stock Online View All Find In Store.

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