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  1. Frogs and Toads of Indiana. Have you ever heard a frog or toad outside? They make many different sounds. Listen to the calls of each of these frogs and toads and see if you can recognize them the next time you are outside. American Toad Call. Southern Leopard Frog .
  2. Toads. True Toad Family – Bufonidae. This slideshow requires JavaScript. American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus) Fowler’s Toad (Anaxyrus fowleri) The American Spadefoot Toad Family – Scaphiopodidae. Narrow Mouthed Toad Family – Microhylidae. Share this.
  3. Kentucky’s two kinds of Gray Treefrogs are identical in appearance - both range to just over 2 inches long as adults and have large sticky toe pads that allow them to climb on just about any surface.
  4. Common Amphibians of Kentucky Photo Gallery. Frogs and Toads. Click on the name for detailed information.
  5. Tree frogs have the typical frog shape, with long hind legs and smooth, moist skin. While some reach 10 cm (4 in) or more, they are typically smaller and more slender than terrestrial frogs. At 10 to 14 cm (4 to in) long, the white-lipped tree frog (Litoria infrafrenata) from Australia and Oceania is the largest tree frog in the world.
  6. Common Tree Bugs In DC, Northern VA, and Maryland Eastern Tent Caterpillars: These hairy tree bugs, with areas of blue, white, black, and orange, are social species that form communal nests in the branches of trees and shrubs. These communal nests look a lot like spider webs and the caterpillars in them can easily defoliate your trees and bushes.
  7. Sep 26,  · The Barking Tree Frog has much rougher skin than the Green Tree Frog. Both species have lines down the sides. Cope’s Gray Tree Frog Previous post Frogs and Toads of Kentucky. Next post Frogs and Toads of Rhode Island. 5 thoughts on “Frogs and Toads of Tennessee” Emily says: August 14, at am.
  8. Sep 10,  · Gray Tree Frog mating call - Duration: Clauss Video Archive Kamp Kenan , views. Kentucky Frog Gigging! - Duration: Kendall Gray Recommended for you. Grey Tree.
  9. In the U.S, the green tree frog can be found along the Atlantic coastal states from Delaware to Florida, in the Gulf states, in Arkansas, eastern Texas, western Tennessee and Kentucky and parts of southern Illinois and Missouri. Habitat.

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