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  1. Mar 29,  · Sharing is caring, so today’s post covers some technical details for the Microsoft world: implementing Data Vault models on the SQL Server database and corresponding ETL using SSIS and technologies such as BIML. This is based on experiences gained developing many Data Warehouses (both Data Vault based as well as using other methodologies).
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  3. Nov 17,  · These are structures built on top of the Raw Data Vault by simply joining some of the DV tables together. The Raw Data Mart is an excellent option for agile data warehouse projects. I have used these on many occasions to get the raw, uncleansed, source data in .
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  6. Oct 17,  · The better approach is to use equal-join queries for retrieving the data from the Raw Data Vault. To achieve this, a special entity type is used in Data Vault modeling: point in time tables (PIT). This entity is introduced to a Data Vault model whenever the query performance is too low for a given hub or link and surrounding satellites.
  7. “The Data Vault is the optimal choice for modeling the EDW in the DW framework” Bill Inmon. Adaptable. Through the separation of business keys (as they are generally static) and the associations between them from their descriptive attributes, a Data Vault confronts the problem of .
  8. Data vault modeling is a database modeling method that is designed to provide long-term historical storage of data coming in from multiple operational systems. It is also a method of looking at historical data that deals with issues such as auditing, tracing of data, loading speed and resilience to change as well as emphasizing the need to trace where all the data in the database came from.
  9. LOGICAL DATA VAULT ARCHITECTURE. The Data Vault architecture is based on three layers: the staging area which collects the raw data from the source systems, the enterprise data warehouse layer, modeled as a Data Vault model, and the information delivery layer with information marts as star schemas and other structures.

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